Roentgen Bi-Alpha Cobalt M-42 10′ 10″ (130″) * 1″ * .035 10/14 TPI (QTY-2)


The RÖNTGEN bi-alfa cobalt M42 band saw blade has HSS-M42 tooth tips. The high wear resistance of the saw blade results from the very hard and evenly distributed carbides in the tooth tips, formed during the hardening and tempering process.

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The martensitic structure of the tooth tips and high cobalt content create excellent hot hardness and toughness reducing wear rates at high sawing speeds. With a high chromium backing strip, the saw blade can withstand the considerable flexing stresses, tension and blade guide pressure present in modern sawing machines. The hook tooth has a positive cutting angle of 10°. This tooth form is particularly well suited for solid, thick-walled tubes and all higher-grade alloy material.

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Weight 58 oz
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 6 in