Metal Man Auto Darkening Welding Helmet – Black


The AB8100SC auto-darkening welding helmet uses two CR1025 replaceable batteries for initial lens darkening and then Runs off solar power or light from the welding arc. It features 2 arc sensors and a 3.62 in. x 1.36 in. viewing area. Adjust your shade control from 9 to 13. Made to fit right, it features an adjustable headgear to allow you to make it fit your way. With ANSI and CSA approval, the Metal Man AB8100SC Auto-Darkening helmet is safe, functional, and attractive to users. 1 year warranty.

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Internal Variable Shade Control 9-13
3.62 in. x 1.36 in. (4.92 Sq. In.)
Solar/Replaceable Battery
5-Point Adjustable Headgear
2 Arc Sensors
Dial Adjustable Sensitivity & Delay
1/25,000 sec. Switching Time
10 Amp Low Amp TIG Rating

Extra Front Cover Lens (1)
CR1025 Batteries (2)
Battery Holder (1)
Instruction Manual

MLK85 – Front Protective Cover Lens (5 Pack)
MHHA – Hard Hat Adapter
MHG8 – Replacement Headgear
MSB8 – Replacement Headgear Sweat Band
MMCR1025R – Replacement CR1025 Battery (2 Pack)
BHL100 – Replacement Battery Holder
MMAG1.0-2PK – Welding Helmet 1.0-Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG1.25-2PK – Welding Helmet 1.25-Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG1.5-2PK – Welding Helmet 1.5-Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG1.75-2PK – Welding Helmet 1.75-Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG2.0-2PK – Welding Helmet 2.0 -Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG2.25-2PK – Welding Helmet 2.25 -Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG2.5-2PK – Welding Helmet 2.5 -Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG2.75-2PK – Welding Helmet 2.75 -Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAGVP1-4PC – Welding Helmet Variety 1.0/1.25/1.5/1.75 -Diopters Magnifying Lens, 4 pieces
MMAGVP2-4PC – Welding Helmet Variety 2.0/2.25/2.5/2.75 -Diopters Magnifying Lens, 4 pieces

Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 12 in