Metal Man Big Window 8735 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet – Black


The 8735SGC auto-darkening welding helmet uses a CR25450 replaceable battery for initial lens darkening and then Runs off solar power or light from the welding arc. It features 4 arc sensors and an BIG viewing area of 3.78 in. x 2.09 in. This unit features our Opticlear 2.5 lens technology for a lighter light state and clearer colors while welding. Adjust your shade control from 9 to 13 or put it in Grind mode to prevent darkening while grinding. Made to fit right, it features an adjustable headgear to allow you to make it fit your way. With ANSI and CSA approval, the Metal Man 8735SGC Series Auto-Darkening helmet is safe, functional, and attractive to users. 2 year warranty.

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Black Shell
Light state 2.5
Opticlear 2.5 Lens Technology
External Variable Shade Control 9-13
Grind Mode
Big Window: 3.78 in. x 2.09 in. (7.9 Sq. In.)
Solar/Replaceable Battery
6-Point Adjustable Headgear
4 Arc Sensors
Dial Adjustable Sensitivity & Delay
1/25,000 sec. Switching Time
5 Amp Low Amp TIG Rating

Extra Front Cover Lens (1)
CR2450 Battery (1)
Battery Holder (1)
Instruction Manual

MLK85 – Front Protective Cover Lens (5 Pack)
MLK735i – Inside Protective Cover Lens (5 Pack)
MHHA – Hard Hat AdapterMHG8 – Replacement Headgear
MSB8 – Replacement Headgear Sweat Band
MMCR2450R – Replacement CR2450 Battery (2 Pack)
BHL2450-1 – Replacement Battery Holder
MMAG1.0-2PK – Welding Helmet 1.0-Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG1.25-2PK – Welding Helmet 1.25-Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG1.5-2PK – Welding Helmet 1.5-Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG1.75-2PK – Welding Helmet 1.75-Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG2.0-2PK – Welding Helmet 2.0 -Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG2.25-2PK – Welding Helmet 2.25 -Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG2.5-2PK – Welding Helmet 2.5 -Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAG2.75-2PK – Welding Helmet 2.75 -Diopter Magnifying Lens, Pack of 2
MMAGVP1-4PC – Welding Helmet Variety 1.0/1.25/1.5/1.75 -Diopters Magnifying Lens, 4 pieces
MMAGVP2-4PC – Welding Helmet Variety 2.0/2.25/2.5/2.75 -Diopters Magnifying Lens, 4 pieces

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 12 in